network service

Internet connection service is also partly available for any user
institution which want the service for research and testing purpose.

technical support

Network-related technical support is provided to allow testing of,
new information technology and its prototype as well as stability, operability,
and interoperability of newly developed equipments.

Research and
test environment

Testbed infrastructure applied with advanced technologies is provided
to allow user institutions to research and test next generation network
application technologies, such as IPTV, IP-USN, BcN, and mobile.

Case of
Utilizing KOREN

By connecting WiBro & CDMA Common Hetero Network Connection Access
Test Center and by linking WiBro & WLAN Common Mobile Access Test Centers
onto KOREN, a common mobile R&D testbed environment is available based on WLAN, WiBro, and CDMA. IPTV Testing Environment